Vice President Sara Duterte got a 79% job performance satisfaction rating, the highest among the country’s top national officials, indicating a positive public perception of her leadership and performance, the latest survey of Oculum Research and Analytics Philippines showed.

Duterte’s 79% rating combines all satisfied responses within a five-point scale, according to Oculum’s third-quarter national survey conducted during the period July 17 to 31, 2023.

Source: Oculum Research and Analytics Third Quarter Opinion Poll

The Oculum third-quarter national opinion poll surveyed 1,200 respondents 18 years old and above, randomly selected though multistage probability sampling.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos obtained a 74% rating, also suggesting strong public approval of his leadership and governance.

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri received a majority 61% satisfaction rating, while his counterpart at the House of Representatives, Speaker Martin Romualdez, received 55%, results of the Oculum survey showed.

Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo got a 48% satisfaction rating, also combining somewhat satisfied to extremely satisfied responses, still a majority given the margin of error.

Vice President Duterte got a 9% dissatisfaction rating, combining somewhat dissatisfied to extremely dissatisfied responses in the same survey. President Marcos Jr. obtained 12% and Senate President Zubiri got 11%. Speaker Romualdez received a 15% dissatisfaction rating while Chief Justice Gesmundo got 17%.

Oculum Chief Political Analyst Dr. Dennis Coronacion said that since the survey was conducted a year after their electoral victories, the high approval ratings of President Marcos, Vice President Duterte, Senate President Zubiri, and House Speaker Romualdez could be “due to the honeymoon period wherein these high-ranking officials are not subjected yet to public and media scrutiny.”

“VP Sara Duterte’s higher rating compared to President BBM’s can be explained by the former gaining more media mileage due to her controversial appointment as DepEd Secretary and the current administration’s policy of going back to face-to-face classes,” Coronacion said.

“Chief Justice Gesmundo is the lone appointive official in the group, which may explain his 48%,” he added.

Oculum Chief Statistician Dr. Joseph Mercado said the third-quarter findings “underscore the complexity of public sentiment towards leadership, performance, and decision-making by key figures in the government.”

“Positive sentiments are influenced by factors such as policy decisions, transparency, public communication, and political affiliations. The findings highlight the importance of recognizing the positive perceptions of the public and maintaining effective leadership to foster trust and engagement between the government and the people.”

The Oculum third-quarter poll had 1,200 respondents distributed as follows: 300 from the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila, 300 from the rest of Luzon, 300 from the Visayas, and 300 from Mindanao. 

For each of these four regions, the areas surveyed – cities and municipalities and barangays – were randomly selected through a computer-assisted tool. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3 points at the national level.