VP Sara Duterte is top choice for president in Q1 Oculum opinion poll

Vice President Sara Duterte is the top choice for president in the opinion poll conducted by Oculum Research and Analytics in the first quarter of 2024.

More Pinoys want PH to side with US than China in WPS dispute – survey

More Filipinos want the Philippines to align itself with the United States than China in the ongoing dispute in the West Philippine Sea, the latest Oculum Research and Analytics survey revealed.

Pope Francis trusted by 71% of Pinoys – poll

Pope Francis enjoys the support of 71% of Filipinos, according to a survey by Oculum Research and Analytics.

About Oculum Research and Analytics

Oculum employs rigorous methods in survey research to allow generalizability in its findings, in particular multi-stage random sampling. 

Credible and Reliable

Oculum Research and Analytics seeks to diversify the pool of credible and reliable sources of data, analytics, and information in the Philippines.

Public Opinion

Oculum’s work is anchored on its quarterly public opinion polls that cover topics such as public support on various sociopolitical issues, trust in institutions, job satisfaction on top public officials, and voter preferences.


Behind Oculum are professionals in the fields of communication and media, political science, and the social sciences.


Opinion Polls

We conduct opinion polls on a quarterly basis to gauge the nation’s sentiments on important sociopolitical issues and trust in institutions and public officials. Opinion polls are also an effective tool in the estimation of voter preferences. However, not all opinion polls are created equal. Oculum’s opinion polls utilize multistage probabilistic sampling, meaning respondents are drawn at random, to allow for reliable and generalizable results.

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